PBS News Hour’s article helps shine a spotlight on the rising epidemic of sexual assault within the U.S. military. In the article, PBS covers the viral video posted by a female U.S. Marine that made it to the Pentagon briefing on Friday, February 19th, and the death of Asia Graham.


Asia Graham was found dead in her barracks on New Years Eve, 2020. Asia reported being raped in December of 2019 by a member of her unit. Her death is yet another tragedy due to the lack of leadership in the protection of our troops from sexual assault.

President Biden needs to hold to his promise that an independent sexual misconduct group outside the DOD be responsible for evaluating and recommending changes. Military has had 27 yrs to fix this issue: abject failure and increasing victim violence.

Outstanding individuals available in country willing to be part of independent review reporting directly to President identifying, addressing and recommending change. Asia’s death identical failure of command to do their sworn job, only 6 months after Vanessa Guillen case that DOD states “they can handle this”. NO MORE.

Biden needs to take charge. “American sons and daughters deserve the best leadership this country can provide”.

We would like to extend our thanks to Never Alone Advocacy as they work with Mrs. Graham and countless other Survivors and families of fallen Soldiers after reporting Sexual Assault throughout the Armed Forces.

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Robert D. Shadley and Camilla Shadley Vance

Authored by:
Camilla Vance Shadley, RN and MG Robert D. Shadley (USA, Ret.)

Robert D. Shadley is a retired Army major general. Authored “The GAME: Unravelling a Military Sex Scandal”. Thirty-three year service, War Veteran.

Camilla Vance Shadley, RN is a survivor. Indecent assault from her late husband’s CG, a 4-star general. She is the daughter of former Secretary of State, Cyrus R. Vance, who also was Deputy Sec. of Defense, & Sec. of Army.